Learn About Design For Living Upholstery

Design For Living Upholstery is located in the heart of Long Island City New York, we are a family-owned business that specializes in providing exclusive custom upholstery designs. Using our more then 30 years of experience, we deliver exceptional upholstery repairs and installations. As we're well-connected with distinguished decorators and established businesses in New York, we offer numerous quality and upscale designs. We stand behind our work and take pride in having our products and services featured in various interior design and decor magazines. 



Opening in 1992, our company has grown by leaps and bounds. We regularly deal with interior designers, decorators, and furniture companies. To say the least, our customers have been good to us by passing our name along. The best compliment possible is when someone refers a friend. It lets us know we've not only got great products but great customer service.